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This just in: lawyers aren’t going away

During and after the financial crisis, the law business hit a wall, with the number of legal-services jobs falling by about 70,000 from 2007 to 2009. Since then, it's been going sideways. April's preliminary estimate of 1.12 million jobs in legal services was the highest in more than a year, but doesn't seem to be enough to declare a positive trend. Read more at BloombergView...

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Why go to court when you can go online?

Instead of settling low-value civil cases in court, a new report from the Civil Justice Council (U.K.) says these disputes should be settled online. Read more at NPR...

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Thousands of lawyers set to march for justice

Solicitors, barristers, legal executives and thousands of other professionals working in London's legal sector are set to march in London on 18 May to raise vital funds for the London Legal Support Trust (LLST), an independent charity that raises funds for free legal services in London and the south-east. Read more at The Law Society Website...

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Crazy, devastating proposition awaits Ala.’s court system

The spending cuts facing Alabama's court system – already marked by years of yo-yo budgets -- will leave it unable to meet its constitutional requirements, Gov. Robert Bentley and court officials warn. Read more at The Birmingham News...

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Law firms are broken. We need NewLaw or LeanLaw.

For the profession’s long-term survival, the structure of the traditional partnership — and the traditional partner and law firm management mindset that goes along with that — need to be unpended. Read more at Canadian Lawyer Magazine...

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Financial difficulties mount as UMass Law cuts enrollment

When UMass took over a tiny private law school in 2010, the controversial deal came with a promise to the public: Taxpayer money would not be used to pay for it, and the state would even earn a profit as enrollment was projected to more than double by 2017.  Read more at The Boston Globe...

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Ruling puts state bars on notice re: antitrust liability

A U.S. Supreme Court decision is forcing state bars to re-examine their operations to avoid potentially huge antitrust liability. At the same time, three public interest-consumer organizations are pressing the nation's 50 state attorneys general to enforce the high court's ruling. Read more at The National Law Journal...

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Ohio State Bar Assn. convenes policy experts and advocates to analyze ATJ report

Lawyers must be at the forefront of efforts to ensure low- and moderate-income Ohioans’ legal needs are met, and innovations to the current system must be quickly adopted in the face of financial shortfalls, said lawyers, judges, and advocates for the poor. Read more at Court News Ohio...

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Here’s a thought: How about making the law less complex?

Timothy Fisher, the dean of the University of Connecticut School of Law, owes his reputation as a private practice attorney in about equal measure to his work for the rich and powerful and the poor and forgotten. Read more at The Connecticut Law Tribune...

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In the future, bar assns. will regulate legal services delivery, not lawyers

Technology is radically changing the legal profession, a Washington state law regulator told an audience at the CodeX FutureLaw conference at Stanford Law School on April 30. Read more at BloombergBNA... 

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The law school class of 2010 is still struggling

Jonathan Wang has not practiced law since he graduated from Columbia Law School in 2010, but he did not plan it that way. When he entered law school, the economy was flourishing, and he had every reason to think that with a prestigious degree he was headed for a secure well-paying career. Read more at The Boston Globe...

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