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7/31/2018 » 8/2/2018
2018 Annual Meeting

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This new bill would make pro bono mandatory – or else pay up

Celebrate Pro BonoIn Calif. legislation has been introduced requiring most active lawyers in the state to provide at least 25 hours of free legal services each year, or pay $500.

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What makes Chief Justice Roberts lose his cool?

Chief Justice Roberts“Impassioned rhetoric doesn’t work with the Supreme Court. If it did, I’d become impassioned.”

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Lincoln's time as a lawyer made his presidency possible

Guy FrakerAbraham Lincoln's ability to save the Union may have cemented his presidency, but his long tours across Central Illinois as a circuit court lawyer made it possible, according to one researcher.

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ABA set to loosen restrictions on online law classes

Typing on laptopA proposal under consideration by the American Bar Association's law school accreditation arm would double the number of classes J.D. students may take online, and allow such courses during the crucial first year of law school.

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In this classroom, every student's name is 'Judge'

Judges swearing inThey’re already being called “Your Honor” in courtrooms across the country, but this week some of America’s newest federal judges are students.

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Technology: law's collaborative catalyst

World mapWith all the legal tech frenzy, there is rarely mention of technology’s role promoting collaboration and helping to create an emerging global legal culture...

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Lawyers and law firms can no longer ignore dementia

man in hatAs a rising tide of Alzheimer's and other dementia diagnoses grips aging law firm partnerships, neither firms nor their lawyers have learned how to cope.

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Help decipher justice's handwritten notes through this crowdsourcing project

HandwritingThe crowdsourcing project SCOTUS Notes hopes to unlock some of the mysteries inside the U.S. Supreme Court's closed-door conferences.

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Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on why judges wear black robes

Black clothThere are no rules that dictate what judges or justices must wear on the bench, nor is there even a common source for Supreme Court robes.

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Why law degrees matter

Meeting of three peopleThere is significant public good in having people with legal training working across all sectors of our economy.

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