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8/2/2016 » 8/4/2016
2016 Annual Meeting

10/19/2016 » 10/21/2016
2016 Communications Section Workshop

1/31/2017 » 2/2/2017
2017 Midyear Meeting

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NABE News - June 2016

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Law schools face a new reporting metric to keep accreditation

Wisconsin football fieldLaw schools could be at greater risk of losing their good standing under a pair of proposed changes in the ABA’s accreditation standards... Read more in the

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‘Oyez Project’ new home will keep Supreme Court audio free to public

Reporters in front of Supreme CourtAfter months of uncertainty about its future, the Oyez Project, a free repository of more than 10,000 hours of U.S. Supreme Court oral-argument audio and other court resources, has found a new home. Read more in The National Law Journal...

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Congress still calling out ABA over canceled book deal

Chinese human rights activistsIn the latest episode of a months-long saga over the ABA’s cancellation of a Chinese human rights lawyer’s book deal, Congress members once again targeted the association... Read more in Bloomberg Law...

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Obstruction in justice: pay gap, undervalued skills quickly thin female lawyer ranks

Female lawyersAs more women lawyers leave the profession, experts worry they take important skills with them. Read more in The Denver Post...

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Should the US eliminate barriers to the practice of law?

Line of column basesBefore the Great Recession, law schools rejected nearly half of all their applicants, and many capable individuals are either unwilling or unable to spend three years in law school and graduate with debts that can easily exceed $150,000. Read more in The American Economic Review... 

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The backstory you never knew about the Miranda warnings

J. Edgar Hoover FBI BuildingYou have the right to remain silent. And the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover to thank for it. Read more in The Washington Post...

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Severe staffing shortages grind courts to a halt

Empty courtroomDespite historic case backlogs, dozens of city judges are pushing pencils instead of banging gavels because there is not enough staff to conduct courtroom trials... Read more in The New York Post...

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Handcuffed public defender says she simply wanted the judge to listen to her argument

Zohra BakhtaryPublic defender Zohra Bakhtary had no time to react before a court marshal slapped handcuffs on her. “It all happened so fast...” Read more in The Las Vegas Review-Journal...

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State Bar of California put on a very short leash

State Bar of CaliforniaTwo days after overwhelmingly rejecting the 2017 State Bar dues bill, the state Assembly ... approved a heavily amended replacement that stops short of mandating de-unification... Read more in The Recorder...

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Legal aid with a digital twist

Claudia JohnsonMatthew Stubenberg was a law student at the University of Maryland in 2010 when he spent part of a day doing expungements... Read more in The New York Times...

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