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Lawyers are chillin’ out

Soft winds of change are rustling through the legal profession. You can see it on the cover of a recent Louisiana Bar Journal, which featured a photo of an empty bench against a burnt-orange sky. Read more at The Wall Street Journal...

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U.S. Supreme Court to review case re: compulsory union dues

Reacting to an undoubted invitation by the Supreme Court to raise the issue, a group of California public school teachers on Tuesday persuaded the Justices to review the constitutionality of requiring government workers to pay fees to support any labor union activity. Read more at SCOTUSblog...

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NABE News June 2015

Read the June 2015 issue of NABE News




Audit: CalBar failed to protect public from bad lawyers 

A state audit….paints an unflattering picture of the California State Bar as willing to settle attorney discipline cases too quickly, track case data too loosely and spend too freely, all at the expense of its mission to protect the public from bad lawyers. Read more at The Sacramento Bee...

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Int’l Bar Assn develops digital tech to help prosecute war criminals 

The International Bar Association (IBA) has a plan to give citizen journalism a little extra weight in war zones—and it could make such information easier to utilize in court. Read more at The Guardian...

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Law school incubator programs slowly gain traction 

Baseball has the minor leagues. Medicine offers residency programs. But recent law school graduates have no equivalent training opportunities to hone their skills — at least until now. Read more at The Associated Press...

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It’s a reality virtually!

Law firms in North Jersey are going digital, jettisoning brick-and-mortar offices and establishing virtual law firms that bring services to clients from a distance using technological forms of communication, instead of traditional face-to-face meetings. Read more at

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Critical time for legal ed in the evolving legal marketplace

Law schools should provide students with better debt counseling, report more information about their revenues and expenditures, and experiment with ways to make a law degree more affordable. Read more at The National Law Journal...

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There’s Netflix and Hulu and now a court in Ohio 

You know Judge Judy, now meet Judge Oda. This Warren County Common Pleas judge isn't coming to a television near you, but soon you'll be able to watch his courtroom live from your computer. Read more at The Cincinnati Enquirer...

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Jay Z’s new album even mentions it

MAGNA CARTA, on which King John placed his seal 800 years ago today, is synonymous in the English-speaking world with fundamental rights and the rule of law... But its fame rests on several myths. Read more at The New York Times...

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The legal profession has gone off the rails but there’s a way to get it on track 

We have too many lawyers. They are too white and male. Law school costs too much. Too few have access. Read more at Salon...

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Congress is at it again, pennypinching

The U.S. House is poised to save the country a whopping $75 million by slashing the budget for the Legal Services Corporation. Read more at The Miami Herald... 

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