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Saner heads prevail. Kansas courts escape a catastrophe.

Kansas CourtOn just the fourth day of the new legislative session, lawmakers moved quickly to end the threat that Kansas courts would be stripped of their funding and forced to close. Read more in The Kansas City Star...

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In the UK, the “first thing we do…” is remove lawyers from representing litigants in civil disputes

Back to the Future - "The justice system works swiftly in the future now that they have abolished all lawyers."One the country’s most senior appeal judges has backed the creation of a new civil court — one where lawyers aren’t needed. Read more in Legal Cheek...

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This movie is based on a true story about a lawyer and his mom

Joy MovieWhen Jennifer Lawrence took home a Golden Globe… for her performance in the movie “Joy,” former Cravath, Swaine & Moore associate Robert “Bobby” Miranne was especially thrilled by the news. Read more in American Lawyer...

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Single payer health care model should work for lawyers 

"Single Payer - It's What The People Want"Americans spend more on lawyers than any other country, and yet we get the worst legal outcomes of any developed nation. Read more in The National Review Online...

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Study finds future lawyers suffer from drug, alcohol and depression problems

Silhouetted man holding alcohol bottleSome of America’s future lawyers are hiding drug, alcohol, and depression problems instead of seeking help, a new report has found. Read more in The Boston Globe...

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NABE News December 2015Read the December 2015 edition of NABE News




We really don’t need lawyers to handle every legal problem

Judge holding gavelUK Senior judge says civil cases up to £25,000 should be carried out in 'paperless' courts with most work done by admin staff rather than judges or lawyers. Read more in The Telegraph...

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The decline (and fall?) of the lawyer-legislator

senateThink you need to be a lawyer to become a senator or representative? New research from Harvard Law School shows that the percentage of lawyers in the U.S. Congress has declined dramatically since the 1960s. Read more at Fox Business...

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British teen creates robot lawyer to help people with their queries

Josh BrowderRemember the 18-year-old who created that awesome website last summer to help people appeal unfair parking tickets? Well he's back... Read more at Mashable...

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Why lawyers love Shakespeare

ShakespeareWhen Oscar Pistorius was convicted of murder last month, the presiding judge described the case as a “human tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.” Read more in The Economist...

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U.K.’s most senior judge says civil justice is now unaffordable to most

UK JudgeCivil justice is unaffordable for most people, more people are being forced to represent themselves, and judges – whose pensions have been cut – feel underappreciated, according to the lord chief justice. Read more in The Guardian...

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