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11/5/2015 » 11/7/2015
NABE Board Meeting

2/2/2016 » 2/4/2016
2016 Midyear Meeting

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Voluntary bars in So. Fla. push for more black judges

"There's so much diversity in our community, but when we come to court we don't see that on the bench." Read more at The Daily Business Review...

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So, who needs lawyers, anyway?

Imagine working out a divorce without hiring an attorney or stepping into court or disputing the tax assessment on your home completely online. Read more at The Associated Press...

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Merging human interaction w/tech is the future of law practice

While the concept of “end-to-end,” also known as “E2E,” is relatively new, its implementation is likely to be familiar. This is especially true if you have ever hailed an Uber, rented an Airbnb property or have searched for and purchased real estate on Redfin. Read more at Law Practice Magazine...

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British lawyers boycott legal aid

Lawyers who are boycotting legal aid work in protest against cuts say their action is causing "chaos" in some courts and police custody suites. Court hearings have been disrupted... Read more at The BBC...

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Not quite a money-back guarantee but it’s better than nothing 

Brooklyn Law School said that it will refund graduates 15 percent of the total they paid in tuition if they are still searching for a job nine months after receiving their degree. The program is called "Bridge to Success" and will begin with the incoming class of 2015. Read more at

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NABE News June 2015

Read the June 2015 issue of NABE News



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Which grad students borrow the most money?

Perhaps not surprisingly, grad students tend to take on more debt when going into fields where the pay is higher. Students studying medicine and law typically borrow more than $100,000 to get through school, and many go on to high-paying careers. Read more at NPR's planetmoney...

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 Livin’ large as a summer associate

Ah, to be a law-firm summer associate. For several thousand lucky law students, it’s the season to be courted by the nation’s top firms. Read more at The Wall Street Journal...

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There’s pro bono and low bono and “green bono”

She knows some people call her a wishful thinker. But Boston attorney Nancy Reiner believes many of her colleagues, despite their sometimes rapacious reputations, are idealists at heart. Read more at The Boston Globe...

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Calbar looks to increase MCLE requirement 

The State Bar of California wants to increase continuing-education requirements for lawyers. One proposal would boost mandatory training by 44 percent. Read more at The Sacramento Business Journal...

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In the courtroom known as Part Two, things are done differently

Municipal court in the US works like this: the accused stands with his attorney in front of the bench, looking up at the judge on high. The accused is effectively invisible, a bystander to the back-and-forth between judge, prosecutor and defence attorney, who speak in jargon that ordinary people do not understand. Read more at The Guardian...

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“Change before you have to”

...The legal marketplace, in my view, is in the middle of a period of unprecedented upheaval. Indeed….we will see more change in the legal profession in the next two decades than has been witnessed in the past two centuries. Read more at The National Magazine...

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