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Annual Meeting and Small Bar Conference Scholarship Period Closes

Deadline for Casting Ballots in Board Elections

5/14/2015 » 5/16/2015
Board Meeting

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NABE Elections Open 

Robert Craghead and Leah Johnson, respectively the executive director of the Illinois State Bar Association and assistant executive director of the South Carolina Bar, are vying for the position of NABE Vice President. Voting will continue through May 1. Vote now. You will need your personal login information and password to exercise your vote.

NY mayor seeks $50 million for free legal services

New York officials are seeking to increase funding to provide poor people with free legal services in civil proceedings such as eviction and immigration matters, part of a broader national movement to establish a legal right to counsel in civil cases. Read more at The Wall Street Journal...

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Law school is way too expensive and the federal gov’t can fix it

There’s no shortage of lawyers in this country. Only 57 percent of 2013 law school graduates obtained full-time legal jobs nine months after graduation. Yet the federal government subsidizes the production of even more lawyers by lending the cost of attendance to basically anyone who decides to enroll in law school, without regard for the quality of the school or the job prospects of its graduates. Read more at The Washington Post...

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Is Your Judge for Sale?

Thanks to Karl Rove and Citizens United, judicial elections have been overtaken by secretive interest groups, nasty ads, and the constant hustle for cash. Read more at Mother Jones...

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New Washington rule allows legal techs to become minority owners in law firms

A historic new order from the Washington Supreme Court makes that state the only U.S. jurisdiction other than the District of Columbia to pare back long-standing ethics rules that prohibit nonlawyers from sharing fees with attorneys or taking ownership stakes in law firms. Read the text of the court's order here...

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NABE News April 2015 Mini Edition

Read the April 2015 Mini Edition of NABE News



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Univ. of Penn. study says state court judges decisions are not influenced by politics

You often hear from liberals and conservatives that judges are too political, that, instead of calling balls and strikes, they allow their own ideological, political or religious views to steer legal opinions. Read more at the Wall Street Journal...

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At Harvard, lawyers debate future of their profession

“There is widespread agreement that the legal profession is in a period of stress and transition; its economic models are under duress; the concepts of its professional uniqueness are narrow and outdated; and, as a result, its ethical imperatives are weakened and their sources ill-defined.” Read more at Bloomberg BNA...

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Big business groups succeed in ousting Wisc. Supreme Court Chief Justice

Last week, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley managed to hang onto her seat in Wisconsin's most recent election, after raising more than $750,000 and resorting to despicable attacks on her opponent, Rock County Circuit Court Judge James Daley. Read more at The Huffington Post...

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Britain faces a pro se explosion; legal aid budget cuts to blame

For almost two years there has been a new style of justice for many people who go to civil courts in England and Wales to resolve all sorts of problems, from housing issues to claiming benefits, or to getting divorced. Read more at BBC News...

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Is the glass really half-full?

Law school enrollment has plummeted to the lowest level in decades. If a bottom has been reached, is now a good time to go to law school? Read more at The New York Times...

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Rutgers approves law schools merger

The Rutgers Board of Governors on Thursday approved the merger of the two Rutgers law schools into one unified law school with two distinct locations in Camden and Newark, contingent upon approval by the American Bar Association. Read more at

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