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NABE 75 years and beyond
NABE 75th Anniversary Video

Finger-pointing follows demise of Calif. State Bar bill

State Bar of California hearingLike any good drama, determining what killed state bar dues-authorizing legislation this week depends on who is describing the events. Read more in The Recorder...

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Georgia Bar celebrates 100 years of women lawyers

Georgia women lawyersThe State Bar of Georgia celebrated the 100th anniversary of admitting women to the practice of law... Read more in the Fulton County Daily Report...

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Successful firms of the future 'will collaborate' with non-lawyers & start-up tech cos.

Hands in centerLaw firms of the future are likely to succeed by integrating non-lawyer specialists, such as project managers... Read more in legalfutures...

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In immigration courts, children act as their own lawyers pleading for asylum

Boy on bed, back to cameraAfter a long, scary trek through three countries to escape the gang violence in El Salvador, a 15-year-old boy found himself scared again... Read more at The New York Times...

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Hispanic National Bar Assn. forms Cuba task force

Cuban FlagA national group of Latino attorneys have formed a mechanism to address the changing dynamics of U.S.-Cuba relations and its impact on people and businesses. Read more at NBC News...

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Access to justice is not a gap, it’s more like a chasm

Chasm in streetUsually, when people outside of the legal profession talk about the legal system being imperfect, it is about a criminal justice system that is so suffused with racial bias as to be untenable. Read more in The Lawyerist...

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indlaw Survey: Consumers likely to hire lawyers active on social media

From Novelty to NecessityAs social media increasingly becomes part of people’s daily lives, a majority of consumers say it plays a major role in deciding which attorney to hire... Read more at Thomson Reuters...

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Ruling frees KY judicial candidates to express their political leanings

Model Code of Judicial ConductA federal appeals court ruling opens the way for Kentucky judicial candidates to make their political leanings known... Read more in the Bowling Green Daily News...

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Justice Ginsburg tells of women’s struggle for equality

Justice GinsburgIt was like a rock concert for attorneys and judges, with an enthusiastic standing ovation... Read more in the Albuquerque Journal...

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Why the ABA took a stand against sexual harassment

Justice figurineTo understand why the American Bar Association is starting to take sexual harassment seriously, consider the story told by Mark Johnson Roberts... Read more in The Washington Post...

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