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Ginsburg: ‘I’ll be a SCOTUS justice for as long as I can’Open in a New Window

Supreme Court Justice GinsburgSupreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed... that she does not plan on retiring anytime soon. Read more in The Hill...


Fla. Supreme Court asked to decide whether lawyers and judges can be Facebook palsOpen in a New Window

Blue person icon...Some of the cases and ethics opinions on Facebook friendships between judges and lawyers have been friendly to the concept, in a qualified way... Read more at The Law for Lawyers Today...


Why are there so few women SCOTUS advocates?Open in a New Window

Female statueNew research shows women are significantly underrepresented in the elite ranks of advocates who argue before the court.  Read more at Supreme Court Brief...


The wheels of justice turn on the ‘Justice Bus’Open in a New Window

Justice BusProviding top-notch pop-up legal clinics to rural communities in California requires a few things… Read more at Bloomberg Law.


State attorneys general have taken off as a partisan force in national politicsOpen in a New Window

responsorialPartisan coalitions of state attorneys general are a new wrinkle in national politics. Read more in The Washington Post.


Social media helped Florida, Texas courts deal with Irma and HarveyOpen in a New Window

NOAA's archCourt officials in those states largely feel good about how they dealt with the storms, and they attribute their success to preparation, experience and social media. Read more at The National Center for State Courts.


Lawyers step up to help disaster survivorsOpen in a New Window

Person with umbrella overlooking floodingHurricane Harvey made landfall and devastated Houston and other areas in Texas and Louisiana almost two months ago. Read more in The Houston Chronicle...


Facebook likes jury duty: company expands pay policy for would-be jurorsOpen in a New Window

Facebook thumbs up signFacebook Inc. employees trying to get out of jury duty can no longer use the classic “but I can’t miss work” excuse. Read more in the Recorder...


Justice tells why he lurks but never Tweets on TwitterOpen in a New Window

Justice BlackwellJustice Keith Blackwell revealed his own judicially restrained social media habits and his thoughts about the Georgia Supreme Court’s new Twitter feed. Read more in the Daily Report...


LexBlog will now license its digital publishing platform to bar assns., law firms & othersOpen in a New Window

LexblogLicensees of the platform could use it to design and launch blogs, websites, microsites or magazines, using various pre-configured options and themes. Read more at LawSites...


Online courts are open for businessOpen in a New Window

Skyline in ChinaFrom China and Canada to the UK and Ireland, online courts are open and they’re ready to hear you now. Read more at ROSSIntel...


Justice Elena Kagan talks about life on the Supreme CourtOpen in a New Window

Justice KaganThe death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia forced the remaining eight members of the nation’s highest court to work harder toward compromise... Read more in The Chicago Tribune...


Law firms, regulators keep eye on Big Four move to legal servicesOpen in a New Window

PricewaterhouseCoopersThe Big Four accounting firms’ moves into legal consulting services are capturing the attention of law firms… Read more at Bloomberg Law.


Hospitals team up with lawyers to aid healingOpen in a New Window

HospitalSome health issues, try as doctors might, cannot be fixed within the walls of a health care facility - especially for children or other vulnerable populations. Read more at Crains Cleveland...


Female lawyers are interrupted more frequently than male lawyersOpen in a New Window

Blindfolded lady justiceFemale attorneys arguing before the justices (SCOTUS) will be treated less deferentially than their male counterparts. Read more at The Week...


Where are all the Latino lawyers? Hispanics scarce in the legal professionOpen in a New Window

Group at metrolalsaEven though the U.S. Latino population continues to grow, Hispanics remain disproportionately under-represented in the legal field. Read more at nbcnews...


ABA Legal Ed committee suggests changes to rule on law school admissions testsOpen in a New Window

ScantronAn ABA section committee recently made various ... recommendations including doing away with the separate admissions test rule entirely. Read more in the ABAJournal...


After Harvey, jury trials still haven’t resumed in Harris CountyOpen in a New Window

Harrison County Criminal Justice CenterIt’s been 10 weeks since Jose Deras was first locked up in the Harris County Jail. Read more in the Texas Tribune...


Ease up on California’s bar exam to achieve more diversity among lawyersOpen in a New Window

Dean Gilbert HolmesCalifornia’s bar exam is notoriously difficult. Or, more to the point, it’s notoriously difficult to pass, which is not quite the same thing. Read more in The Los Angeles Times.


California bar spins off its sections amid concerns over liquor spending, resort functionsOpen in a New Window

The State Bar of California sealThe State Bar of California has spun off its 16 voluntary sections into a nonprofit entity... Read more in the ABAJournal...


SCOTUS says live streaming would ‘adversely affect’ oral argumentsOpen in a New Window

Supreme Court of the United StatesChief Justice John Roberts Jr. told members of Congress that live streaming even the audio portion of its oral arguments might impact the outcome. Read more in Ars Technica...


A record number of people in the U.K. are representing themselves in court…Open in a New Window

Looking at justiceIn the U.K., the number of people seeking support in court because they have no lawyer is up 520% since 2011. Read more in BuzzFeed...


What resilient lawyers do differentlyOpen in a New Window

Lawyer at workBusy lawyers, already maxed out by the general pressure and stress of the profession, are trying to keep up with practice areas that are becoming more specialized and complex. Read more in Forbes...


Who will train tomorrow’s lawyers and how will they learn?Open in a New Window

2D POVThe legal industry is an ecosystem; there’s an inter-dependency between and among its elements. Read more in Forbes.


Every year, millions try to navigate US courts without a lawyerOpen in a New Window

in the balanceRecently retired Judge Richard Posner says people without lawyers are mistreated in the American legal system. Read more in The Conversation.
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