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NABE 2013 Annual Meeting Handouts

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NABE meeting handouts will not be distributed onsite at the meeting. Please make sure to download the meeting handouts to your mobile device, or print them before coming to the meeting. Additional handouts to be posted to this page will be added at a later date.

Wednesday, August 7

Plenary Follow-up/Facilitated Breakout Discussion

- Plenary Presentation
- Plenary Follow-up Session Handout

Track 1A: Connecting the Dots... Bar to Bar Partnerships

- 1A Handout

Track 2A: Ideas for Non-Dues Revenue..."Show Me the Money"

- 2A Handout

Track 2C: The Power of Partnering: Win Win Examples from the Bar World

- 2C Handout

Track 3A: Keys to Successful Financial Management

- 3A Handout #1
- 3A Handout #2
- 3A Handout #3

Track 3B: Are You Using a 21st Century Strategy for Membership Growth and Retention?

- 3B Handout #1
- 3B Handout #2

Thursday, August 8

Track 4A: Five Strategies for Using Social Media to Bring in Money

- 4A Handout

Track 4B: Thinking Outside the Bar Box: Preparing Your Members and Staff for New Trends in Legal Services Delivery

- 4B Handout #1
- 4B Handout #2
- 4B Handout #3

Track 4C: Connecting Core Competencies: New Graduates and the Bar

- 4C Handout

Track 5A: Mastering the Art of Dealing with Difficult Leaders

- 5A Handout #1
- 5A Handout #2

Track 5B: Keeping Bar Associations Relevant to Their Members: Marketing Your Best Benefit

- 5B Handout #1
- 5B Handout #2

Track 5C: Stuff Happens - Be Prepared

- 5C Handout #1
- 5C Handout #2



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