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Reminder - Lexis Nexis and Peer Excellence Awards are Accepting Nominations

Nominations are still being accepted for the 2019-2020 LexisNexis Community and Educational Outreach Awards and the Peer Excellence Awards. The Peer Excellence Award is presented to a NABE member who has made a unique contribution to the development of their bar executive peers. The LexisNexis Community and Educational Outreach Awards honor outstanding bar public service and law-related education programs. If your bar or foundation has conducted an exceptional innovative program to teach and inform laypeople and students about the law; promotes access to legal services, or engages your community in a law-focused or civic-related effort, please nominate the program for the LexisNexis Awards. Award nominations may include a video intended to support the nomination. The nomination deadline for both awards is August 31. Please visit the awards pages for the LexisNexis and Peer Excellence Awards for more information and to fill out the nomination form. Also, please see these spotlighted past winners.

Share with Your Member

In a recent Forbes column, law firm consultant Mark Cohen ponders, "Is law's present its future? The contours of the after-Corona industry have yet to be shaped, but there is little doubt COVID-19's legacy will survive its cure." Read more of Mark's insights on the reformation of legal culture here.

Steal This Idea: Bonus Benefits for New Members

The Arkansas Bar Association offers its new members something special - six free hours of Technology and Practice Management CLE, in addition to free individual consultations with technology and practice management advisors, and access to their library of expert resources. Learn more at

Post Pandemic Planning

Should you let some of your employees work from home for good? Associations Now explores options and insights on work-from-home productivity in this recent article.

The Isolation Economy

According to Forbes contributor Kumar Mehta, "Innovation in isolation is hard because human creativity needs idea sharing and interaction to flourish. Breakthroughs never come from lone inventors who toil alone in a dusky lab. Instead, they thrive when ideas are shared, challenged, and refined." Read more about how to keep being creative, even while you're working remotely.

Steal This Idea: Sell a Season Pass

The Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association has set up season passes for some of their ongoing programs, allowing members to sign up (and pay for) all of the programs in the series at one time. Even cooler than that? Their programs have great names, like the "Bar Brew" series and the "Mini Bar Lecture" series. Learn more here.

Share with Your Members

Marketing Your Practice in a Pandemic
In this Bloomberg Law article, Danielle Holland, executive director of the Legal Marketing Association, interviews five big law firm CMOs regarding the best strategies for marketing and positioning you and your practice for growth post-pandemic.

ABA Young Lawyers Division Provides Free Disaster Legal Services Webinar
A free webinar, How Disaster Legal Services is Responding to COVID-19 and How You Can Help, will take place on Friday, May 15, at 1:00 PM Central. Learn about this national effort and how you and/or your members can help individuals in need of legal advice amidst the pandemic. Register and obtain more info here.

#naBEMore Knowledgeable About Courthouse Reopenings with NCSC

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) is hosting a webinar on Friday, May 15, at 12:00 PM Central, titled "COVID-19 and Courthouses: Planning to Get Back to Business Inside the Courthouse." The program will discuss complications in ramping up services in various court environments. Rural, mid-size, and large jurisdictions will share their experiences and strategies for implementation. Read more about this free program and register here.

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