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Steal This Idea: A Bar Book Club

The Alameda County Bar Association hosts a monthly book club open to all members, alternating between fiction and non-fiction books. In addition to discussing the books at hand, ACBA book club members “drink wine, eat cookies, and get to know each other.” Participants in the Illinois State Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division’s upcoming book club event will get the opportunity to speak directly with the author of the book they just read, when the author joins the meeting via video conference.

How to Delegate

“For many leaders, delegating feels like something they know they should do, but don’t do. And the roadblock often begins at the top.” This Harvard Business Review article looks at “8 Ways Leaders Delegate Successfully.”

ICYMI: ABA Profile of the Legal Profession

The ABA Profile of the Legal Profession report is a 100-page compendium of statistics and trends, which includes sections on demographics, wages, law schools and law students, federal judges, pro bono work, women in the profession, legal technology, lawyer well-being and lawyer discipline. It was released on August 10.  Read it here.

Better Board Meetings

Non-profit consultant Joan Garry offers “10 Good Questions All Board Members Should Ask.”

Steal This Idea: A Weekly Event Highlights Post

Both the Indianapolis and Knoxville Bar Associations have created a template for Instagram (and other social media platforms) to highlight their key events every week. Check out their Instagram feeds to see examples.

Executing the Moon Shot Ideas

Does your board have a “moon shot” idea?  The success of your project may depend on how well you can answer six questions, according to this Harvard Business Review article.

FYI -  Women Lawyers On Guard Will Examine Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

Non-profit Women Lawyers On Guard is looking to better understand sexual misconduct and sexual harassment in all legal workplaces, and inviting participation from all lawyers and professional staff who currently work or have ever worked in legal employment settings. Learn more here.

Communicating Change

“It’s one thing to say that you’re going to apply a new vision to an association, quite another to clarify what that new vision will look like.” According to Associations Now, if you are looking to make large scale changes, it is important to talk about it. A lot. Read about why communication is a key element of change management here.


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