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1/22/2019 » 1/24/2019
2019 Midyear Meeting

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Officers Highlight NABE Activities During Annual Meeting Interview

NABE President Karen Hutchins and NABE President-elect Julie Armstrong were interviewed for Legal Talk Network at the ABA Annual Meeting the week of July 30 in Chicago, IL.  Karen and Julie spoke on the benefits of membership in NABE, including networking and educational programming.  Listen to their perspectives on NABE, the bar executive profession, and more here.    


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Lawyers say they face persistent racial and gender bias at work

persistent biasAn ABA study revealed that women and people of color in the legal profession continue to face barriers in hiring, promotions, assignments and compensation.

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Is outside ownership of law firms picking up steam?

Tennis anyone?The taboo subject of non-lawyer ownership of law firms is back in the conversation. Again.

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This Florida murder case was tried in a Havana court and U.S. prosecutors got to watch

Havana…Five judges in long black robes listen to testimony. The defendant watches from the front row of the gallery with an armed guard at his side. There is no jury.

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Women may earn $1 million less than men throughout a career

disparityA new study…found that by retirement age, a woman may have earned as much as $1,055,000 less than her male counterpart over the course of her career.

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Aspiring lawyers warned about twitter social media perils

tweet tweetFirestorms over Twitter and posts haunting social media users underscore advice being given to law students: watch what you say.

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Why alternative legal provider market share may be limited

under pressureMany commentators argue that alternative legal provider market share is destined to grow.

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Poll finds half of Americans can't name a Supreme Court justice

The NineThe Supreme Court decides quite a bit about the nature of American life. But most folks couldn't name a single justice, according a new poll.

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The job is killing them: Family lawyers experience threats, violence

killer jobA series of surveys on violence against lawyers shows that family lawyers face disproportionate amounts of threats and violence compared to other lawyers.

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How "Trial by Media" can undermine the courtroom

he totally did itNew research explores how media bias impacts the right to a fair trial.

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First-year enrollment soars by double digits at some law schools

forumFledgling law students began arriving on campuses this month, and some law schools are welcoming a record number of new faces.

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