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Share with Your Members: When Professional Relationships Create Personal Conflict

An attorney's personal relationship with opposing counsel may present a significant conflict under the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, according to a new ethics opinion from the ABA Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility. Read more about Formal Opinion 494 in this ABA Journal article.

The Revitalization of Print Advertising

Considering an online-only approach? You may want to reevaluate your options post-pandemic. According to branding consultant Larry Light in this Forbes article, print advertising in newspapers is on the rise. Light said, "Brand trust cannot be reduced to simplistic, sunny slogans. Carefully worded and crafted full-page print ads may be a media turning point that will last." Read the full article here.

How Leaders Can Navigate Politicized Conversations and Inspire Collaboration

New research on the psychology of conversation may help organizational leaders improve their conversation style and create higher quality collaboration. A Harvard Business School article provides an overview of the new research and even a "recipe for receptiveness." Read the article here. NOTE: Long-time NABE members may recognize the article's author, a former member of the NABE family!

Steal This "Scary" Idea: Halloween Bingo

The Hillsborough County Bar Association (FL) has got the Halloween spirit. It's hosting a virtual bingo night for its members with prizes for three lucky winners, and an additional prize for the best costume. Learn more here.

Countering COVID-related Workplace Worries

Unsurprisingly, the coronavirus pandemic "has aggravated the usual workplace stressors including job insecurity, heavy workload, tight deadlines, inadequate work environment, and financial troubles." Corporate Wellness Magazine offers "Strategies to Combat Pandemic Related Stress."

Share with Your Members: Civility in the Time of Corona

A recent Bloomberg Law article highlights the need for professional civility through the pandemic, citing a pre-1918 flu pandemic ABA code of legal ethics directive that said, "Clients, not lawyers, are the litigants. Whatever may be the ill-feeling existing between clients, it should not be allowed to influence counsel in their conduct and demeanor toward each other or toward suitors in the case."

In relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, attorneys and article authors Elizabeth Holt Andrews and Andrew Trask express, "Whether in the midst of contentious litigation or protracted contract negotiations, we cannot know all the burdens our colleagues may be carrying. But we can recognize these trying times as an opportune moment to showcase our profession's commitment to civility." Read the full article here.

Newsworthy: Pennsylvania Bar Association Joins Forces to Help Homeowners/Renters

The Pennsylvania Bar Association, along with 26 Pennsylvania county bar associations and the Pennsylvania Bar Trust, launched the "Pandemic Preparedness: When your home is at risk" public information campaign on October 1. This was developed to increase the public's understanding of their rights when renting or owning a home, with a special focus on the impact from the pandemic. To learn more about the campaign, read the press release here.

Steal This Idea: Living History Vlogs

The Chicago Bar Association's Young Lawyers Section is documenting what it is like for new lawyers to practice during the pandemic. The Young Lawyers Section is interviewing bar members and creating video blogs (vlogs) of their experiences. The vlogs cover everything from remote practice to connecting with clients and lawyer health and well-being. Watch the series and learn more here.

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