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NABE News - February 2018 - President's Message
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NABE President's Message - February 2018

By Robert E. Craghead

Robert E. Craghead

NABE Elections – 2018

One of the benefits of having the privilege of serving as NABE President is a real opportunity to help make NABE better for you (more about that in the next issue). Another benefit is the chance to look through the lens of a volunteer serving in a leadership capacity; something that has helped me in my day job. You also have the opportunity to serve NABE in a leadership role.

NABE members will elect this spring a Vice President who will serve as President in 2020-21. The successful candidate must be from a state bar. A Secretary will also be elected, who will serve a one-year term. And, there are three director seats up for election, one is a state bar seat, one is a local bar seat, and one is an at-large seat. The directors serve two year terms.

If you are interested, the deadline for nominations is March 15, 2018, (5:00 PM Central). To learn more about becoming a candidate, visit the NABE elections process page.

Speaking of Elections - Change on Horizon

Many years ago (and I am not going to tell you how many), voting in NABE elections was based on one vote per bar association. Without providing the entire history, which involved a nominating committee and then open elections, we now vote as individual members in open elections. Roughly a year ago, the Elections Committee was asked to review the open election system.

Following its review, the Elections Committee recommended that NABE return to a form of nominating committee and prepared a proposal to accomplish that change. In submitting the proposal, the Elections Committee stated:

“Contested elections in a group as small and as tightly knit as NABE cause issues for candidates and voters alike... Our organization loses valuable benefit when members are forced to take sides. Camaraderie diminishes. We should reward those who have toiled in the [entities] and not those who campaign the hardest to win a popularity contest. The proposal still provides an opportunity for self-nomination.”

The proposed change was introduced at the NABE membership business meeting in August 2017. At the Vancouver business meeting, the Bylaw amendment was approved without dissent. So, beginning with the 2019 elections (for terms beginning July 1, 2019), NABE will select leaders through a well-designed, thoughtfully constructed nominating committee process.

Special thanks to the Elections Committee and Bylaws Committee for their work on this effort.

Communication with NCBP – Value of NABE

The National Conference of Bar Presidents is an important partner of NABE. In turn, we want bar leaders to understand the importance and viability of NABE. I was provided an opportunity to submit a few words about our organization for publication in the NCBP Bar President. It seemed appropriate to share those words with you.

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