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As our nation pauses to give thanks next week, your NABE staff team here at the ABA wants to take a moment to thank you for your membership, your support and your active participation in your professional organization.  Engaged members (and their dues!) ensure that NABE can provide the services and programs bar professionals depend on in their important role within our American justice system.  NABE Bulletin won’t publish next Thursday and ABA staff offices will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 24-25.  Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.    

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 Lawyers are failing the middle class. Would non-lawyer ownership help?... there’s really something to be said for the idea that the legal profession is uniquely screwing the middle class. Read more in the atlblog...

 For Louisiana’s defenseless poor, it’s one for all
Rhonda Covington is short on time. As the only public defender for the 20th judicial district of Louisiana, she has a lot to take care of.
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 U.S. immigration judges battle their own prejudice
One of the immigrants appearing before Judge Dana Marks in a crowded court here was a boat worker from the former Soviet Union...
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 Where are all the gay judges?
It's no secret that justice in the United States is not as blind to power and identity as we'd like it to be. Our justice system is also very straight.
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 In an appellate brief get to the point in 13,000 words, not 14,000
The Constitution of the United States clocks in at 4,543 words. Yet a number of lawyers contend that 14,000 words are barely enough to lay out their legal arguments.
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