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 The future lawyer
One way to describe the future lawyer is to list some key challenges attorneys will confront, and identify the requisite skill sets. 
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 U.S Chamber pushes rule to expose litigation funding
Pointing to a rise in the use of outside financiers in lawsuits, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is petitioning the federal judiciary to adopt a nationwide disclosure requirement for third-party litigation funding. 
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 726 women carve a legacy at the Supreme Court lectern
While clerking for Justice Harry Blackmun in the October 1986-87 term, Covington & Burling's Beth Brinkmann recalls seeing "dozens" of female advocates at the lectern for arguments. 
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 What will happen to Americans who can’t afford an attorney?
On the campaign trail, President Trump pledged “to bring hope to every forgotten stretch of this country.” 
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 Law school enrollment may be on the rise
Many smart, ambitious undergrads no longer automatically think of law school as their path to success. 
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