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Eclipse Fever Hits Bar Staff
Across the country, bar staff joined millions of Americans in gazing upward as the Great American Eclipse of 2017 enthralled the nation on Monday.  Gary Toohey of The Missouri Bar reported that the total eclipse was "spectacular" to see in Jefferson City, while Patrick Tandy of the Maryland State Bar Association shared a photo of the partial eclipse as seen from the Baltimore area taken by his wife, Davida Gypsy Breier.  Nora Warens and Pamela Robinson trekked, respectively, to Carbondale and Makanda, IL, adjacent towns which both claimed the longest period of mid-afternoon darkness.  Farther east in Nashville, the largest city in the path of totality, Landry Butler of the Tennessee Bar Association shot photographs he says he’s "waited most of my life" to take.  Finally, in South Carolina, the eclipse disappeared into history, but not before it passed over the waters of Lake Murray where Bob Wells of the South Carolina Bar took in the spectacle from a pontoon boat with family and friends, including NABE alum Tom Tinder.  Bob summed up the celestial display quite nicely saying, "it was awesome."  

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