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 Bust the legal cartel
The American legal profession has long operated like a medieval guild, with a host of rules and regulations designed to keep down the number of practitioners. 
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 A judge wants a bigger role for female lawyers. So he made a rule.
It is common for judges to publish guidance for lawyers who appear in their courtrooms on how to conduct themselves with regard to minor matters like how and when to file motions. 
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 Should judges use their roles to effect social change?
A dialog about whether “activist judges” are real. 
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 Jury duty is rare but most Americans see it as part of good citizenship
The chances of serving on a jury in any given year are small, but most Americans still see it as part of being a good citizen. 
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 Cities are guaranteeing tenants a lawyer to help them fight eviction
In eviction cases, 90% of landlords have a lawyer, and 90% of tenants do not. To fight gentrification and displacement, cities are trying to correct that imbalance. 
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