Me, too! Me, too! Listserv Etiquette
DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!  Dear NABE members, some of your colleagues love the listservs, but feel overwhelmed when they receive too many unnecessary messages.  If you receive a message requesting information on a particular topic, and you would like that information, too, please respond to the original sender and ask him or her to share whatever is sent in response to the query. And originators, you can offer to share a summary of what you learn with your fellow listserv users to cut down on email traffic.  If you forward your summary and any samples to Molly Flood, we can use the information for subsequent requests when they come up again...and they will. Thanks, everyone, for your cooperation.

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 This Silicon Valley start-up wants to replace lawyers with robots
Silicon Valley’s next hot start-up isn’t likely to be a video chat app... But maybe it could be — and this isn’t a joke — a law firm. 
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 The legal industry needs fresh leadership with new skill sets
The legal industry has been slow to adapt to powerful socioeconomic forces that have changed the buy-sell dynamic. 
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 PwC makes push into US market with launch of Washington DC firm
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is set to launch a law firm in the US, in a clear sign that the concerted push into legal services by the Big Four accounting firms is continuing. 
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 Law schools are letting down their students and society – here are three steps they can take to fix
Law schools in the US today have become depressingly single-purpose: training members of a closed profession and failing to equip them… 
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 Why do we still need courtroom artists?
... why an age where everyone carries a camera in their pocket—do old-fashioned drawings remain the main way we document memorable moments in court? 
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