NABE Awards Deadline Nears
Celebrate the achievements and contributions of a bar executive colleague by nominating him/her for the Bolton Award or the Peer Excellence Award by April 26. Or gain recognition for your association with a nomination for a NABE/LexisNexis Community and Educational Outreach Award, also due April 26. The Peer Excellence Award and LexisNexis Awards will be presented at the NABE Annual Meeting in Chicago on August 2, and the Bolton Award will be presented at the NCBP/NABE/NCBF joint meeting on August 3. For more information and to submit a nomination for any of these awards, visit the NABE awards page. 

Stop, Collaborate & Listen at the 2018 NABE Annual Meeting!
Registration is open for the 2018 NABE Annual Meeting, July 31-August 2, at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. STOP to take a few days to reflect on the needs and wants of your association’s members and staff.  COLLABORATE with your NABE colleagues during interactive discussions and form friendships that leverage expertise. LISTEN to insightful speakers sharing useful takeaways during curated plenary and workshop sessions that will help you evaluate your bar association’s programs and services. You’ll learn something new and sharpen your skills. View a program preview here and register now.

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