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NCBP to Feature Civil Rights Icon at Annual Meeting in Chicago
Fred Gray, past president of the Alabama State Bar Association, quoted in the NY Times article below, will be presenting a featured session at the upcoming NCBP Annual Meeting in Chicago. Follow this link to view the Annual Meeting program (featured session listing on page 33).

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 Found: Rosa Parks Montgomery boycott files
When the Montgomery bus boycott electrified the struggle against segregation, it was all recorded in appeals bonds, court motions and $10 fines.

 Legal delivery at the speed of business - and why it matters
"Time is Money" wrote Benjamin Franklin ... Lawyers have a different take on time than other industries. The legal profession uses it as a price gauge - more is better.

 Chief Justice John Roberts inherits expanded role as the Supreme Courts new man in the middle
When the Supreme Court hears cases, delivers opinions or even poses for a group photo, Chief Justice John Roberts is the man in the middle — literally.

 Wisconsin Supreme Court takes a small step to address pay for lawyers representing indigent defendants
Lawmakers' continued refusal to raise the nation's lowest pay for lawyers who represent indigent criminal defendants has now shifted the problem onto Wisconsin's poorest counties. 

 When lawyers move, their spouses may have trouble starting over
Few law firms offer spousal assistance. Some law firms help spouses network, refer them to recruiters.


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