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2012 Luminary Awards Winners
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Luminary Awards 2012 Winners

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Small Bar Medium Bar Large Bar
Excellence in Regular Publications

DCBA Brief

The Journal of the DuPage County Bar Association

San Diego Lawyer

San Diego Bar Association

Arizona Attorney

State Bar of Arizona

Excellence in Special Publications

The Annual Membership Directory

Nikki Gray, Nashville Bar Association

"Welcome to Your State Bar of Nevada"

Lori Wolk, Programs & Services Manager, State Bar of Nevada

"The North Carolina Constitution Explained"

North Carolina Bar Association

Excellence in Electronic Publications

New Matter

New Matter Committee, The Chester County Bar Association

This Week at the Bar

San Diego County Bar Association

OSBA Report Online

Ohio State Bar Association

Excellence in Public Relations

Central Texas Wildfire Legal Response Team Free Legal Clinics

Austin Bar Association, Communications Department

Why Lincoln Was a Lawyer

Carissa Long, Indiana State Bar Association, Young Lawyers Section

Oyez, Oyez, Oh Yah! Civics Resources for Texas Students and Teachers

State Bar of Texas, Communications Division

Excellence in Marketing

Electronic Communications Campaign for a Collection of Events

Nancy R. Paul, Jim Mathias, Jack Costello & George Cardenas, Montgomery Bar Association

2012 Solo & Small Firm Conference Social Media Marketing Campaign

Carissa Long, Indiana State Bar Association

Membership Marketing Materials for Lawyers, Law Students and Paralegals

North Carolina Bar Association

Excellence in Websites

Kane County Bar Association, Website Committee


San Diego County Bar Association


State Bar of Georgia, Communications Department


Judges Commentary


DCBA Brief - The Journal of the DuPage County Bar Association (Small Bar)

Submitted by Jacki Hamler, Financial Manager

Judge's Comment: A truly impressive volunteer-written publication, the content of which is better than many state bar journals. This is a "by lawyers, for lawyers" magazine, and you can tell the contributors and editors bring tremendous energy and dedication to its production.

San Diego Lawyer - San Diego Bar Association (Medium Bar)

Submitted by Karen Korr, Communications Director

Judge's Comment: Kudos! This publication is truly outstanding. Graphics, layout and design are superb. Articles are well-written and edited, and the publication features an eclectic mix of information that is informative and entertaining, in keeping with the mission of the publication. Congratulations on producing a highly professional publication! 

Arizona Attorney - State Bar of Arizona (Large Bar)

Submitted by Tim Eigo, Editor

Judge's Comment: Arizona Attorney continues to be the most innovative and interesting state/local bar publication in the country, and it has to be one of the most profitable. Tim Eigo's embrace of new media has informed his approach to the magazine in an enlivening way, and Karen Holub's remarkable design work is arresting but not distracting - her illustrations help tell, but never overwhelm, the story. And the ads, good gawd, the ads! Just an inspiring model of excellence from stem to stern.



The Annual Membership Directory - Nashville Bar Association (Small Bar)

Submitted by Nikki Gray, Director of Communications

Judge's Comment: This directory clearly meets its goal and provides information in an easy-to-use format. For the editor/producer to be able to jump into this project and quickly create and invent the process, layouts, and design is truly amazing.

"Welcome to Your State Bar of Nevada" (new attorney orientation kit)  - State Bar of Nevada (Medium Bar)

Submitted by Lori Wolk, Programs & Services Manager and Jennifer Smith, Publications Manager

Judge's Comment: Nevada's approach to welcoming new attorneys to the practice of law is a perfect example of bar excellence. This welcome packet is visually appealing, innovative and has a wealth of pertinent information for new lawyers.

"The North Carolina Constitution Explained" (publication for high school students and teachers) - North Carolina Bar Association (Large Bar)

Submitted by Anne Strickland, Assistant Director of Communications, Publications & Print Media

Judge's Comment: As a wife of a schoolteacher, this publication proves to be such a valuable resource to the intended audience. In fact, I found some of the "explanations" very valuable! Overall, I think it's a great publication, certainly worthy of recognition.



New Matter (monthly e-newsletter) - The Chester County Bar Association, New Matter Committee (Small Bar)

Submitted by Wendy C. Hoffman, Executive Director

Judge's Comment: I was very impressed with the quality and breadth of content in New Matter. Clearly the editorial board and staff work to address topics that are timely and topical. Additionally, I found the Uberflip layout easy to use and it was very well branded. The design is simple and clean. New Matter also has a very high readership, so it would appear that moving to an electronic format has been a very positive benefit for members.

This Week at the Bar (weekly e-bulletin) - San Diego County Bar Association (Medium Bar)

Submitted by Karen Korr, Communications Director

Judge's Comment: San Diego's e-publication has a clean, uncluttered design and provides its readers with targeted messages that are easy to scan. The content is excellent and I admire the staff's ability to solicit and edit such solid content, including a weekly President's Message, under such time constraints. The publication appears to be very effective, with online registrations up and less emails sent overall.

 OSBA Report Online (case digest e-bulletin delivered in a daily or weekly format) - Ohio State Bar Association (Large Bar)

Submitted by Nina Corbut, Director of Publications

Judge's Comments: The Ohio State Bar's online report with case summaries, legal and association news, events and job openings is an extremely well-designed, content-rich, and targeted electronic publication. The ability to customize the interaction with the Ohio State Bar, including the type and frequency of content received, is an amazing member benefit. The staff's editorial skills and ability to deliver case summaries up to six weeks sooner than a print publication are another invaluable member benefit. The publication is easy to navigate and a pleasure to browse.



Central Texas Wildfire Legal Response Team Free Legal Clinics (campaign to assist Central Texas wildfire evacuees with their legal problems) - Austin Bar Association, Communications Department (Small Bar)

Submitted by Kat Hinson, Director of Communications

Judge's Comment: This is an excellent example of crisis communications at its best. From recruiting volunteer attorneys to getting the word out to the public on where to seek help, the Austin Bar Association not only met but exceeded the need for legal help in the time of disaster. An effective public relations campaign is measurable by coverage by the media, but this was not only effective but really was able to help lots of people, evidenced by the need to expand the clinics as the disaster progressed. A stellar job and a model for all - showcasing attorneys at their best and having a plan to help in a disaster.

Why Lincoln Was a Lawyer (community outreach program which included attorneys speaking in elementary classrooms) - Indiana State Bar Association, Young Lawyers Section (Medium Bar)

Submitted by Carissa Long, Assistant Director of Communications

Judge's Comment: The Indiana State Bar Association's submission is some of the best PR I have seen recently, and not just for a legal submission, for its all-around excellence. The quality of the communication and design, the honing of the message, and an excellent and diverse collection of support materials, is all spot-on. The photo documentation within the classrooms is excellent and continues to carry on the message. This is a great example of a thoroughly researched and developed idea that is well implemented, and it should be used as an example for other bars. Excellent, excellent work!

Oyez, Oyez, Oh Yah! Civics Resources for Texas Students and Teachers (interactive web-based project to assist Texas students in preparing for the new Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKs) standards) - State Bar of Texas, Communications Division (Large Bar)

Submitted by Kelley Jones King, Deputy Executive Director

Judge's Comments: The State Bar of Texas's Oyez, Oyez, Oh Yay! program is a clever and successful civics resources initiative that is well-branded, catchy, educational, and wide-reaching. It is a fun rendition of important educational information that is well placed and promoted. The use of branded media and swag is effective and memorable. The brand and message are cohesive, well-communicated, and engaging. This is an exciting program and a great example of effective public relations and good design that show off the great concept and thoroughly researched and executed message. I love this program for its legal and educational successes as well as its PR and marketing successes. It is exemplary.



Electronic Communications Campaign for a Collection of Events- Montgomery Bar Association (Small Bar)

Submitted by Jim Mathias, Director of Marketing, Communications & Public Affairs (and including Nancy R. Paul, Jack Costello & George Cardenas)

Judge's Comment: The online Member Resource Center defines a useful Bar member interactive experience and is so elegant. I wish the websites for every conference that I attend were as straight-forward and useful as this bar's Bench-Bar webpage.

2012 Solo & Small Firm Conference Social Media Marketing Campaign - Indiana State Bar Association (Medium Bar)

Submitted by Carissa Long, Assistant Director of Communications

Judge's Comment: A very detailed and strategic execution of a marketing plan via social media channels and nice signage. Definitely one to copy!

Membership Marketing Materials for Lawyers, Law Students and Paralegals - North Carolina Bar Association (Large Bar)

Submitted by Anne Strickland, Assistant Director of Communications, Publications & Print Media

Judge's Comment: Excellent campaign, messaging and layout. I was engaged throughout both pieces in their entirety. This is an example of branding consistency done right



Kane County Bar Association, Website Committee (Small Bar)

Submitted by Jan Wade, Executive Director (on behalf of the KCBA Website Committee)

Judge's Comment: Great website for a small bar. I particularly liked the splash photos that mixed current as well as historical bar pictures. There's plenty of content available without having to login. I especially liked the history page for content. Overall, I like the way this website works.

San Diego County Bar Association (Medium Bar)

Submitted by Karen Korr, Communications Director

Judge's Comment: I thought this was a great design. I liked the hub concept with the various groups on the outside and the connection point in the center. I particularly liked the use of black and white photos. These days, that makes it stand out. Throw in the fact that they change to color when your mouse passed over (just like in the Wizard of Oz!) and it's a great design. I also liked that they didn't try to cram too much on the homepage. Users can access a lot through the tabs without making the front page messy.

State Bar of Georgia (Large Bar) 

Submitted by Sarah Coole, Director of Communications (on behalf of the SBG Communications Department)

Judge's Comment: This is a very appealing, well organized, and informative website, without being cluttered.  They've incorporated a great use of color and graphics and I thought it was a wonderful idea to have a calendar appear on every page. I also liked that the page is full screen. Great job!


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