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2013 Luminary Awards Winners
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Luminary Awards 2013 Winners

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Small Bar Medium Bar Large Bar
Excellence in Regular Publications

Louisville Bar Association

Bar Briefs

San Diego County Bar Association

San Diego Lawyer

State Bar of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Lawyer

Excellence in Special Publications

DuPage County Bar Association


Bar Association of San Francisco

"First Annual Report of the Justice & Diversity Center"

The Florida Bar

"Guide fo Florida Voters"

Excellence in Electronic Publications

San Fernando Valley Bar Association

Biweekly E-Newsletter

San Diego County Bar Association

"This Week at the Bar"

Washington State Bar Association


Excellence in Public Relations

Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association

"Bench, Bar & Boardroom Conference"

Iowa State Bar Association

"Retention Election"

The Florida Bar

"The Vote's in YOUR COURT: Judicial Merit Retention"

Excellence in Marketing

Austin Bar Association

"Annual Bench Bar Conference"

 No Recipient

Pennsylvania Bar Association

"Animal Magnetism"

Excellence in Websites

Cincinnati Bar Association

San Diego County Bar Association

Ohio State Bar Association

Details & Judges Commentary


Bar Briefs - Louisville Bar Association (Small Bar)

Submitted by Kimberly Kasey, Graphic Designer

Judge's Comments: 
"A refreshing take on a bar publication, with playful use made of the magapaper format."
"Design is very sleek, modern, cosmopolitan. Dynamic covers, with excellent use of color throughout the publication."

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San Diego Lawyer - San Diego County Bar Association (Medium Bar)

Submitted by Karen Korr, Communications Director

Judge's Comments: 
"Quick-hitting features, columns and QAs are effective and get many member voices into the publication."
"Well-designed from front to back. Varied departments and features designed in such a way as to foster quick, easy navigation."

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Wisconsin Lawyer - State Bar of Wisconsin (Large Bar)

Submitted by Joyce Hastings, Publications Director

Judge's Comments: 
"A phenomenal rethinking of what was already a superior publication."
"This was a redesign to please the thinking communicator and the practicing lawyer -- very smart."

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"Brief/Grief" - DuPage County Bar Association (Small Bar)

Submitted by Leslie Monahan, Executive Director, and Jacki Hamler, Financial Manager

Judge's Comments: 
"Clearly you have lots of fun and benefit from a dedicated group of volunteers as well as staff who were able to produce this clever publication."
"The double cover approach of the publication creatively allowed you to include the parody as part of your regular publication."

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"First Annual Report of the Justice & Diversity Center" - Bar Association of San Francisco (Medium Bar)

Submitted by Kerstin Firmin, Creative Manager

Judge's Comments:
"I enjoyed the creative presentation of boring financials.  I plan to 'borrow' some of the infographic ideas."
"Very clever sprinkling your great works in the midst of donor lists--really connects the funders and the work."

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"Guide for Florida Voters" - The Florida Bar (Large Bar)

Submitted by John Harkness, Executive Director, and Francine Andia Walker, Director Public Information and Bar Services

Judge's Comments: 
"I was really impressed by publishing the guide in three languages."
"Great example of identifying and then filling a communications gap on a key civic issue with a well executed, easy-to-digest piece."

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Biweekly E-Newsletter - San Fernando Valley Bar Association (Small Bar)

Submitted by Irma Mejia, Publications & Social Media Manager

Judge's Comments: 
"I really enjoyed the brevity and smart design of this newsletter. The sidebar event teasers were well designed and added visual content to the e-newsletter without weighing it down."

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"This Week at the Bar" - San Diego County Bar Association (Medium Bar)

Submitted by Karen Korr, Communications Director

Judge's Comments: 
"I really enjoyed the brevity of this newsletter as well as its simple, clean design."

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"NWSidebar" - Washington State Bar Association (Large Bar)

Submitted by Julia Nardelli Gross, Online Communications Specialist

Judge's Comments: 
"The content moves well from light to substantive, and it's wonderful to see attorneys stepping out of their formal writing style and really understanding and adapting to a blogging platform quite well."
"The template used is clean and the consistent use of interesting visuals is great."

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"Bench, Bar & Boardroom Conference" - Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association (Small Bar)

Submitted by Tracey DeMarea, Director of Membership and Communications

Judge's Comments: 
"The art and design is very creative.  Good use of social media."

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"Retention Election" - Iowa State Bar Association (Medium Bar)

Submitted by Steve Boeckman, Communications Director

Judge's Comments: 
"The materials are clear and well-designed.  The media reach was extensive.  The bus tour was very innovative and apparently effective."
"Excellent comprehensive communications strategy with regards to public information and education on this important issue. Excellent coordination with the local media and effective use of social media channels."

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"The Vote's in YOUR COURT: Judicial Merit Retention" - The Florida Bar (Large Bar)

Submitted by John Harkness, Executive Director, and Francine Andia Walker, Director Public Information and Bar Services

Judge's Comments: 
"This project is amazing.  I cannot say enough good things about it."
"Excellent campaign with impressive results. High quality materials; good use of high profile speakers and organization partnerships."

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"Annual Bench Bar Conference" - Austin Bar Association (Small Bar)

Submitted by Julie Wheeler, CLE and Marketing Coordinator

Judge's Comments: 
"The entire campaign is creative, fresh, young and cohesive."
"Very creative approach and consistent branding across all materials. Mailing pieces were well done within the budget parameters."

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"Animal Magnetism" - Pennsylvania Bar Association (Large Bar)

Submitted by Marcy Mallory, Communications Director

Judge's Comments:
"Wow!  Bold, clear, creative, and proven effective!"
"I was impressed with the simple, yet effective design of this campaign. The fact that this Bar gained 300 new members from this campaign is outstanding!"

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WEBSITES - Cincinnati Bar Association (Small Bar)

Submitted by Laura Gaffin, Communications Director

Judge's Comments: 
"While there is a lot of information on the homepage, through tht use of color and design elements, it's easy to follow."
"Good use of resources for a small bar association -- leveraging various staff contributors for content makes a lot of sense and I particularly liked your use of user-relevant articles, teasers and in-house ads throughout the site."

Back to top - San Diego County Bar Association (Medium Bar)

Submitted by Karen Korr, Communications Director

Judge's Comments: 
"You delivered a unique and relevant experience and everything I was looking for was easy to find."
"Of all the sites I've judged, this was by far the most innovative and refreshing user interface I've seen. Very well done."

Back to top - Ohio State Bar Association (Large Bar)

Submitted by Nina Corbut, Director of Publications/Editor

Judge's Comments: 
"I don't have anything to say about improving this site.  It's truly a great example of what a Bar website should be."
"This site is fantastic! I love it! The huge increase in unique visitors is a great indicator that the objective of the website is being met."

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