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Volunteer for NABE Committees - 2019 - 2020
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To volunteer, indicate your interest in any of the NABE committees listed below. You are welcome to volunteer for multiple committees.  Generally appointments are for one year. Professional Development and Audit Committee appointments are for three years. Appointments to these two committees are limited. Generally committees meet via conference call. Committee meetings may also be held in conjunction with the NABE Midyear Meeting and Annual Meeting. In addition, the Professional Development Committee meets in person in September and March.


Monitors the integrity of the financial statements of NABE and the independent auditor's qualifications, independence, and performance


Exercises parliamentary jurisdiction, answers questions pertaining to interpretations of the bylaws, and prepares additions, deletions, and amendments whenever appropriate; receives proposed changes from members or bodies within the association for review and/or drafting; and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Chief Staff Executives

Serves executive directors by providing programming, networking and assistance. Plans the annual CSE retreat.

Diversity Development

Spearheads NABE efforts to increase diversity in its membership and assists local and state bar leaders in gathering information and resources needed to address diversity-related issues at the staff level and at the member level concerning recruitment, retention and development.


Manages board election process, including timely notification to membership of nomination and election procedures and ensuring fairness in their application.


Plans and coordinates membership recruitment, mentoring and retention activities. Facilitates entry of new members into NABE and coordinates first time attendees events at the Midyear and Annual Meetings.

Professional Development

Plans, coordinates and implements the educational programs and social functions at Annual and Midyear Meetings of NABE.


Oversees scholarship application process including distribution of information to NABE members. Reviews applications and determines to whom scholarships should be awarded.

Small Bar

The committee serves small bar association staff by providing programming, networking, and resources.


The committee recruits potential sponsors and coordinates the organization's relationships with these benefactors, with the goal of generating funds to underwrite the cost of NABE programs and services, particularly the Midyear and Annual meetings.


Reviews, approves and coordinates surveys designed by NABE, its entities, and others before dissemination. As directed by the Board of Directors, prepares periodic surveys of member attitudes and interests. Prepares, analyzes and distributes a compensation survey every other year. The Chair of the surveys committee serves a term of two years.

Website/Knowledge Management

Oversees content for the NABE website and social media communications.  Provides guidance and recommendations to the NABE Digital Media Editor.  Advises staff, as needed, on web content, design, and periodic web migrations.

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