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Awards: Luminary Awards
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Luminary Awards

Luminary Awards

--- Actors have the Oscars. Advertisers have the Clios. Bar association communicators have the Luminaries. ---


Each year, the NABE Luminary Awards program recognizes excellence in bar association communications and marketing by honoring the outstanding communications projects of the past year. All NABE Communications Section members are invited (and encouraged) to submit their best work for consideration and recognition.

Luminary Award Categories

  • Regular Publications
  • PR/Marketing/Social Media Campaigns (including Electronic Media)
  • Authored Articles
  • Graphic Design
  • Special Projects (including new website design)

Bar groupings will be based on number of total staff members
We changed up the bar groupings in 2018, and we've amended them again slightly this year, so be sure to check what category you're in:

  • Small Bars – Bars with up to 9 staff members
  • Medium Bars – Bars with 10-19 staff members
  • Large Bars – Bars with 20 or more staff members

Regular Publications*
A regular publication is the flagship publication of the bar association. Print and electronic publications are considered for this award. Examples of regular publications include monthly journals and weekly newsletters.

PR/Marketing/Social Media Campaign
A PR, marketing or social media campaign promotes a bar association’s program, event or campaign. Examples include (but are not limited to) a campaign to promote an annual meeting, a continuing legal education program, social media campaigns, and weekly podcasts or videos.

Authored Articles
Authored articles would have been published in the last year, in either hard copy or digital and can include legal case studies, original research, profiles, feel-good stories and humorous pieces.

Graphic Design
A graphic design is an original and unique design that demonstrates creativity, imagination and clarity of presentation for the recipient. Examples could include a bar association’s new logo or branding, event brochure, marketing campaign, etc.

Special Projects
A special project would include any project that doesn’t necessarily fit into the categories above and would include (but not be limited to) website redesign, blogs or perhaps one-off projects, such as directories and annual reports.

* If a bar has won in the Regular Publication’s category in the previous year, they will not be able to submit in that category in the current year

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For further questions, please contact Tracey DeMarea.

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