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A Great Educational Opportunity!

Join us for the National Association of Bar Executives’ revitalized online education programming! Resources, tips and cutting edge updates will help you—and staff members throughout your association office.

The Highlights:

  • Live, interactive webinar format
  • Diverse topics that engage all staff members
  • Affordable, flat registration fees—register and invite your full staff to participate!

Upcoming Webinar Sessions

Mark your calendar for these 2019-2020 Sessions!

Mark your calendars for these 2019-2020 webinars in the NABE Classroom. Each session will feature resources and helpful tips that are targeted for busy bar association professionals. Register for each session separately, or register once for all sessions and purchase the 2019-2020 Webinar Series for $200 which includes access to participate in all 9 live sessions, a copy of session recordings and access to handouts/materials. 

Click here to sign-up for the full 2019-2020 Webinar Series (all 9 sessions!) and save $25.
Or follow the links below to sign-up for each session separately (see prices below). 

April 30, 2020 - 2:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 PM Central
April Webinar - Pro Bono Volunteers: Recruit Them, Love Them, & Keep Them?
$15 for the Live Session; $25 for the Live Session + Recording; $15 for the Recording Only
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May 28, 2020 - 2:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 PM Central
May Webinar - Engaging Young Lawyers
$15 for the Live Session; $25 for the Live Session + Recording; $15 for the Recording Only
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June 23, 2020 - 2:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 PM Central
June Webinar - Session Topic TBD
$15 for the Live Session; $25 for the Live Session + Recording; $15 for the Recording Only
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July 14, 2020 - 2:00 PM Eastern / 1:00 PM Central
July Webinar - Session Topic TBD
$15 for the Live Session; $25 for the Live Session + Recording; $15 for the Recording Only
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View/Purchase Recordings of Past Sessions & Handouts

Please follow the links below to purchase recordings of webinars or download webinar handouts.

March 2020 WEBINAR: Pandemic Preparedness - Avoiding Panic and Doing the Right Things

Presenters: Elizabeth Derrico, Elizabeth Derrico & Associates, and Daniel A. Schwartz, Shipman & Goodwin

Purchase Session $15 >>

This session will explore:

  • What’s your current plan?
  • Legal issues related to a pandemic and your responsibilities as an employer
  • Things to think about for gatherings and other events
  • Educating members about the issues
  • Current bar activities
  • Opportunities to share what you are doing
  • Q&A

January 2020 WEBINAR: #StigmaFreeYLD - A Florida Bar Campaign Addressing Mental Health Issues Among Lawyers

Presenters: Christian George, Akerman LLP and 2018-19 Chair, Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division, and Francine Walker, Director of Communications, The Florida Bar

Purchase Session $15 >>

At this point, we all know the importance of addressing mental health issues among lawyers—but how do you get attorneys to talk about it?

Join us at this NABE webinar where we’ll discuss The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division’s 2019 #StigmaFreeYLD campaign, launched in early 2019. Powered by personal stories from Florida attorneys, this multi-faceted campaign sought to demonstrate that dealing with mental illness was not a weakness, but a sign of strength.

Florida Bar Director of Communications Francine Walker and Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division 2018-2019 President Christian George will discuss the planning and implementation of the campaign, including takeaways that’ll help you get the conversation started in your bar. 

December 2019 WEBINAR: Easy Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Bar Association Marketing & Communications

Presenters: Wade Clark and Josh Clemence, BoxCast

Purchase Session $15 >>

Fifty-one percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment, but without the right tools and knowledge, 100 percent of bar association professionals will be wary of attempting to tap into this powerful medium.

Join us at this NABE webinar where we’ll talk with video pro Josh Clemence about easy ways to begin integrating video into your bar’s marketing and communications efforts. Josh will also be prepared to answer all of your questions about equipment, hosting and more!

November 2019 WEBINAR: Make Your Events Eventful! Tips for Spicing Up Your Bar's Events

Presenter: Deneen Fitzgerald, Indianapolis Bar Association

Purchase Session $15 >>

It’s all too easy to fall into an event-planning rut, but a few simple tweaks can have your events feeling fresher than ever! From CLE programs to social gatherings to multi-day conferences, Indianapolis Bar Association Director of Programs Deneen Fitzgerald will share a variety of tips and tricks for reinvigorating your bar’s events. Pointers will include ideas for refreshing traditional offerings, increasing engagement during educational programs and boosting awareness of (and attendance at) events. Stick around after the webinar to chat with fellow attendees and share what’s worked in your bar.

October 2019 WEBINAR: How Modernizing Your Marketing Practices Can Help You Reach More Members

Presenter: Jared Correia, Esq., Red Cave Law Firm Consulting

Purchase Session $15 >>

If you feel like you’re marketing your bar association like it’s 1985, you’re likely . . . pretty advanced for a bar association.  The good news is, to modernize your marketing practices, you don’t have to hop into a Delorean.  You can just attend this webinar!

If you want to reach your members in a more effective way, you need to approach them, and stay top of mind for them, where they are.  That means you need to expand your ideas about platforms and about how modern lawyers seek out information.  You also need to adjust your understanding of how attorneys seek community in 2019.  Of course, this also requires you to shift your mindset about who your competitors are, and how to build a marketing program with them in mind.

Attend this program, and learn how to:

·         Build the Kind of Communities Modern Lawyers Seek Out

·         Leverage Content Marketing to Your Advantage

·         Use Social Media More Effectively

·         Rethink What Networking Means for Young Lawyers

·         Work with Vendors in New Ways

July 2019 WEBINAR: Budgeting

Presenter: Victor Velazquez, Executive Director, Maryland State Bar Association

Purchase Session $15>>

During this session, learn to develop a budget template and a budget process that everyone understands, will meet the needs of accounting staff and helps prevent unwanted budget surprises late in the year.

June 2019 WEBINAR: Recruitment and Retention in Today's Job Market

Presenter: Amber Hall, HR Manager, Delong's, Inc.

Purchase Session $15>>

The way potential employees search for jobs is different than it was a decade ago. Learn how bar associations can utilize up-to-date recruitment and hiring practices to attract the best talent during this webinar.

May 2019 WEBINAR: Creating and Using Business Plans for Success

Presenters: Crystal Tellman, Assistant Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer, Hawthorn Bank

Purchase Session $15 >>

During this session, learn how business plans can help bar association professionals plan for success, rather than just hoping a new product or service will succeed.

APRIL 2019 WEBINAR: What Do We Do Now? How to Create and Use a Crisis Communications Plan

Presenters: Amy Starnes, Public Information Director, State Bar of Texas; Farrah Fite, Media Relations Director, The Missouri Bar; and Matthew Page, Communications Director, Utah State Bar

Purchase Session $15 >>

During this webinar, communications experts Farrah Fite, Matthew Page and Amy Starnes will discuss how a thorough crisis communications plan can direct action and keep bar leaders focused on a clear path through any disaster — man-made or otherwise. You'll learn the do’s and don’ts from these communications crisis plan pros who have faced crises and survived.

FEBRUARY 2019 WEBINAR: Permission to Win When Nothing is Certain

Presenter: Mary Byers, Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Consultant

Purchase Session $15 >>

Mary Byers leads this exciting presentation where you will hear about what to do when you are being outpaced by change, an agricultural association's member challenge and the change they created, and how pricing and packaging experiments are essential to your future. Other topics covered are: promoting experimentation so volunteer leaders come to expect it; and how pricing and packaging experiments are essential to your future. 

JANUARY 2019 WEBINAR: Courts, Legislatures and the Year Ahead for Your Bar Association (Oh, My!)

Presenters: Ken Goldsmith, ABA, Governmental Affairs Office; Leah Johnson, South Carolina Bar; Doug Struyk, The Iowa Bar Association; Janet Welch, State Bar of Michigan; Tony Weiler, State Bar Association of North Dakota

Purchase Session $15 >>

2019 could prove eventful for our organizations from court decisions impacting the status of the mandatory bar to advances in technology and mischief-making in legislative chambers. Bar associations large and small, voluntary and unified will want to participate as this NABE Classroom program takes a look at the year ahead with a dynamic panel of colleagues.

DECEMBER 2018 WEBINAR: Beyond CLE - How Value-Added Programming Enhances Member Experience

Presenters: Tracey DeMarea, Johnson County Bar Association; Lorrie Benson, Nebraska State Bar Association; Amanda Farris, Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association; Karen Korr, San Diego County Bar Association; Russell Rawlings, North Carolina Bar Association

Purchase Session $15 >>

Lawyer engagement is a changing landscape. This session features an enlightening conversation about with association leaders who are providing new opportunities to lawyers, helping them grow as professionals. Hear about association programs that teach social media skills, give advice on writing press releases and award submissions, and other value-added programming that meets new member needs and continues to increase association relevance in the legal community.

AUGUST 2018 WEBINAR: Challenges Small Firms Face and How Bar Associations Can Help

Presenter: Sam Glover, Founder, Lawyerist

Purchase Session $15 >>

In this presentation, speaker Sam Glover, Founder, Lawyerist, will discuss how bar associations can play a role in helping small or solo law firms succeed. Sam will cover: the challenges solo and small firms say they face, identify the obstacles preventing firms from taking action to move past those challenges, and share a free tool that will help solo and small firms attack their challenges methodically.

JUNE 2018 FREE WEBINAR: A Discussion with ABA Division for Bar Services

Presenters: Jennifer Lewin, Deputy Director, ABA Division for Bar Services & Molly Kilmer Flood, Research and Information Manager, ABA Division for Bar Services

Watch FREE Webinar Now >>

A FREE webinar session featuring speakers Jennifer Lewin, Deputy Director, and Molly Kilmer Flood, Research and Information Manager, from the ABA Division for Bar Services. Jennifer and Molly will walk you through an overview of the valuable resources available to your bar association from Division for Bar Services and throughout the American Bar Association.

APRIL 2018 WEBINAR: Hot Topics in Cyber Security

Presenter: Ryan Robinson, Chief Service Officer, Mainstays Technology

Purchase Session $15 >>

This insightful webinar, sponsored by the NABE Administration & Finance Section, is a great resource for all your bar staff. Speaker Ryan Robinson, Chief Service Officer at Mainstay Technologies, discusses the nature of threats and why they are increasing including email phishing, social engineering and ransomware viruses. You'll learn about the compliance requirements that bar associations need to be aware of from PCI to HIPPA, to HITECH. Strategies to protect both your staff and members will also be covered and include: comprehensive security risk assessments and compliance audits, user training and phishing testing, dark web scanning, organizational policies from acceptable use to data access, utilizing organization-wide password mangers and multi-factor authentication, and cyber liability and cyber-crime insurance.

December 2017 Webinar Capture

DECEMBER 2017 WEBINAR: Making Your Bar Association More Accessible

Presenter: Pamela Hoopes, Deputy Director/Legal Director, Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, Minnesota Disability Law Center

Purchase Session $15 >> 

This webinar provides insightful information on how bar associations can ensure that they are accessible to members, the public and employees. Speaker Pamela Hoopes, Deputy Director/Legal Director at Minnesota Disability Law Center, will cover: the basic legal framework for accessibility; facility accessibility (both onsite and for private and public off-site events); programmatic accessibility for individuals with various needs; accessibility of online and printed materials and service animals. She will also discuss proactive steps to improve accessibility, such as self-audit, and recommended resources that may be available in your state.

July 2017 Webinar Capture

JULY 2017 WEBINAR: The Latest in Labor Law and What It Means for You - NLRB Developments Important to All Employers

Presenter: Harry I. Johnson, III, labor and employment attorney at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Purchase Session $15 >> 

The latest National Labor Relations Board developments change the employment landscape for your organization, even if you are a non-unionized employer. Find out the specifics during this webinar session with speaker Harry I. Johnson, III, labor and employment attorney at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP.

June 2017 Webinar CaptureJUNE 2017 WEBINAR: Sobering Statistics - Prevalence of Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession

Presenter: Michele Haggerty, Legal Community Specialist, Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers

Purchase Session $15 >>

Please join your colleagues in the NABE Classroom for this June webinar session which will be broadcast live from the NABE 2017 Small Bar Conference! Michele Haggerty, Legal Community Specialist from Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers, will provide insight on understanding the issues underlying and resulting from substance dependence abuse. Michele will also share examples of programs and policies implemented by bar associations that have helped bar association members help themselves.

MAY 2017 WEBINAR: The ABC's of Membership Retention and Tactics Worth Trying

Presenters: Andrew Cave, San Diego County Bar Association, Heather Seavey, Maine State Bar Association, Megan O'Toole, New York State Bar Association

Purchase Session $15 >>

During this webinar session you'll hear from three seasoned bar association professionals on shifts their association is taking and some tactics to better retain members. Presenters will share their "ABC's" when it comes to retaining members: Acknowledge member value, Beat member expectations, and Create member dependency. Please join us for insightful conversation.

APRIL 2017 WEBINAR: My PowerPoint Can Do That? Tim Eigo on the Art of Presenting

Presenter: Tim Eigo, State Bar of Arizona

Purchase Session $15 >>

Do you know how your eyes close during a presentation, as your mind drifts toward the days when you thought learning could be fun? Yeah, us too. We hear more and more about how people are visual thinkers, but PowerPoint largely remains a land where text is king. Tim Eigo will share some ways to depose that monarch and help engage your audience.

JANUARY 2017 WEBINAR: Advanced Gamification for Member Engagement

Presenter: Shelly Alcorn, Principal, Alcorn Associates Management Consulting

Purchase Session $15 >>

Make gamification work for your bar association! By learning how to carefully and intentionally use gaming techniques, you can increase loyalty, enthusiasm, and engagement. Implementing a gamification framework for your organization creates new opportunities for leading, learning, and living and can amplify intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Leave with practical ideas on how to use gamification in strategic planning, member recruitment and retention, volunteer achievement, events, education, and certification programs.

DECEMBER 2016 WEBINAR: Fresh Ideas to Power Your CLE

Presenters: Lucas Boling, Director of Membership Services and Law Practice Management, The Missouri Bar and Mindy Thomas Fulks, Director of Continuing Education, Tennessee Bar Association

Purchase Session $15 >>

Are you – and your members – getting tired of the same old “Lunch and Learn” programs in the same too-costly venues? Find out how other bars are finding less expensive, more functional space for CLE presentations and how they’re using gamification and other creative techniques to infuse energy into programming. Whether your bar is large or small, if you do CLE this webinar is for you.

NOVEMBER 2016 WEBINAR: A Podcaster's Guide to Podcasting

Presenter: Craig Sorrell, Marketing Manager, Results Direct

Purchase Session $15 >>

What happens when you have a shoestring budget, a lot of ideas, and want to communicate more effectively with your members? You launch a podcast! In this webinar, Craig Sorrell will take you through the journey of his own successes with podcasts, including some mistakes he learned along the way. Learn how to start your own podcast, and even learn some advanced techniques to make your voice flourish in a world of on-demand entertainment. Craig will discuss everything from basic set up to hosting. Explore how you can leverage this tried-and-true, old-is-new communications format — and generate revenue along the way.

JUNE 2016 FREE WEBINAR: The Shape of Things to Come: Thinking About Bar Associations of the Future

Presenters: Kevin Ryan, Monroe County Bar Association, Julie Armstrong, Indianapolis Bar Association, Ellen Miller Sharp, San Diego County Bar Association, David Watson, New York State Bar, Jordan Yochim, Kansas Bar Association

Watch FREE Webinar Recording Now >>

This session is FREE as part of the NABE 75th Anniversary celebration.

Ten years from now, as we travel to work in our self-driving cars, the issues we ponder on behalf of our bars will undoubtedly be much different than our past concerns. Just as other industries must recognize and adapt to innovation and disruption or else go the way of the dinosaurs, bar associations must be poised and prepared to not only embrace but harness the opportunities that great change presents.

From technology to governance, our panel of experienced bar execs will share their perspectives on the future of bar associations and what we can do now to be prepared down the road (the road full of self-driving cars, that is).

APRIL 2016: Social Media: It's More Than Likes!

Presenter: Rick DeBruhl, State Bar of Arizona

Purchase Session - $15 >>

By now, we all know that social media is more than just animated gifs and memes. These tools represent a powerful way to connect with members and promote our mission. But are we using them to their full potential?

With the right strategy, association social media can play a major role in grassroots advocacy efforts, helping staff throughout the bar achieve goals and celebrate success—all at little to no cost. Rick DeBruhl, Chief Communications Officer at the State Bar of Arizona, will share his experiences and invaluable tips at this upcoming NABE Classroom session.

MARCH 2016: What Not to Do in a Media Interview

Presenters: Mellanie Bartlett and Debby Sweeney

Purchase Session - $15 >>

Are you a bar exec who talks to reporters from time to time? It’s not always easy to pull off a media interview that maintains your dignity and elevates your association, all the while communicating your message loud and clear. PR experts teach you how to keep your cool in the hot seat of a media interview. More...

JANUARY 2016: Recent Challenges to Unified Bars, and How taking a Position can Affect Membership for Voluntary Bar

Presenters: Tony Weiler, State Bar of North Dakota and Jim Covington, Illinois State Bar Association

Purchase Session - $15 >>

We all know if a storm is approaching, it’s best to prepare and take cover. Learn how to protect and prepare your bar from new challenges that have been weathered by both mandatory and voluntary bars over the past few years. Bar executives in the trenches will be on hand to describe their experiences and share their tips on how to weather the storm. More...

DECEMBER 2015 FREE WEBINAR: Best Practices for Managing Board Governance

Presenter: Elizabeth Derrico, New York State Bar Association

Watch FREE Webinar Recording Now >>
View/Download the PowerPoint >> 

This session is FREE to NABE members in celebration of NABE’s upcoming 75th anniversary! ABA Division for Bar Services veteran and current New York State Bar Association associate executive director Elizabeth Derrico will impart pearls of wisdom gleaned from more than 30 years of work with and for bar associations. She’ll cover topics essential for all bar staff members, from the best practices for working with board members to how staff can manage the amount and means of delivery of information provided to board members. Watch this free webinar now...

NOVEMBER 2015: Beyond the Buzz Online Communities and Bar Associations

Presenters: Angelika Lipkin, Higher Logic and Luke Zimmer, URMIA

Purchase Session - $15 >>
View/Download Session Handouts >>

An online community is more than the latest trend or buzzword – it can be your engagement hub for member benefits and activity. Learn how to establish organizational goals and engagement strategies within the framework of your community, as well as capture and analyze engagement metrics tied directly to those goals. Community and engagement are intrinsically connected, and that connection can be your members’ top meeting place for collaboration and innovation. More...

JULY 2015: Graphic Design for the Non-Designer

Presenter: Barbara Baldwin, Louisiana State Bar Association

Purchase Session - $15 >>
View/Download Session Handouts >>

Is your level of graphic design knowledge limited to the options in Word clip art? This webinar will teach graphic design for the non-graphic designer! Whether you’re interested in making web banners, invitations, infographics, mailers or general marketing pieces, this webinar will provide the simple design tools and tricks that will add professional polish to everything you create.

JUNE 2015: Harnessing the Power of Empathy to Understand Audience Needs

Presenter: Esteban Gonzalez, Brand Therapy

Purchase Session - $15 >>
View/Download Session Handouts >>

All organizations struggle with acquiring and retaining members. It makes sense that the first step in creating these relationships is developing a meaningful picture of who the audiences are. Personas are a tool organizations use to describe their key audiences. They are holistic pictures of audiences as specific people, with character traits and attitudes that drive their behavior. More...

MAY 2015: How to Overcome Biases

Presenter: Mary Loewenguth, Monroe County Bar Association

Purchase Session - $15 >>

Biases - we’ve all got them, believe it or not. Acknowledging them instead of denying them can help us overcome hurdles and improve our associations, especially when it comes to diversity. Join us as we view a recorded Ted Talk by Vernā Myers, and stick around for a discussion with Mary Loewenguth, Monroe County Executive Director at the next NABE Classroom webinar. Loewenguth will describe her bar’s Diversity Internship Program and as well as other diversity initiatives. More...

APRIL 2015: How DO They Do That: Secret Tech Weapons for Bar Associations

Presenter: Beth Ziesenis, Your Nerdy Best Friend
Sponsored by the NABE Admin & Finance Section

Purchase Session - $15 >>
View/Download Session Handouts >>

Contact Speaker >>

What if you could announce a workshop with a multimedia video that you created on your phone in minutes? Or schedule a council meeting without having to send three dozen emails to find a time everyone could meet? Or automate your little tasks that keep you from your real work? And what if you could pull all this off straight from your mobile device—without an IT degree?

Join Your Nerdy Best Friend, aka author Beth Ziesenis, to discover how you and coworkers throughout your bar association office can use free and bargain technology tools to work more efficiently with your members, create professional-level graphic and wow your colleagues. This high energy session will give you 30+ tools that will leave people asking, “How DO they do that?” More...

MARCH 2015: Tim’s Top Tips for Bar Bloggers

Presenter: Tim Eigo, Editor, State Bar of Arizona

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*View/Download the PowerPoint >>

Contact Speaker >>

Tim Eigo is busy thinking about how even this can become a blog post. But with the rest of his day, he is the editor of Arizona Attorney, an award-winning monthly publication of the State Bar of Arizona that covers legal news, trends and profiles. He also manages and writes much of the Bar’s social-media content, via Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Tumblr. His blog ( is a 5-day-a-week endeavor, something he does not entirely recommend. Before that, he edited and wrote at a variety of publications, including the Orange County (Calif.) Business Journal. He was an English major (B.A. Siena College, M.A. University of Notre Dame), and went to law school at the University of California–Hastings College of Law. He then practiced law in Southern California. Today, he writes, edits and in his time off helps make downtown Phoenix a more vibrant, world-class city. More...

*Please contact Nora Warens or Rebecca Green-Jablonsky if you would like the full version of this presentation that includes multimedia and animation.

15 Marketing Ideas Speakers

FEBRUARY 2015: 15 Marketing Ideas to Jumpstart Non-Marketing Staff

Presenters: Kerstin Firmin, Creative Manager; Sayre Happich, Assistant Communications Director and Social Media Manager; and Kallie Donahoe, Director, Barristers Club, all with The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF)

View/Download the PowerPoint Presentation >>
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