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Below are the latest NABE articles.  To view a full archive by topic, please click here.
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How Can You Build a Better Board?Open in a New Window

?Board composition will influence and direct the dynamics of the group. Do the directors listen, challenge and support one another? Are they able to solve problems at the root level? Do they reflect on their effectiveness and grow as a team??  This US News article covered a Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance discussion on building better boards. 


Tech Talk: 25 Technology Terms Everyone Should KnowOpen in a New Window

According to Associations Now, there are 25 tech-related terms that you should know today because they are bound to come up in your meetings and you?ll see them in your emails. Here is their online glossary of tech terms (which might be worth bookmarking on your browser).


Steal This Idea: Branded Media Templates for Award WinnersOpen in a New Window

Thanks to the Hennepin County Bar Association for sharing this great idea. In addition to posting on their own social media channels about their recent Excellence Award winners, the Hennepin County Bar expanded their reach by providing templates for their award winners to easily share notice of their accomplishment to their own social media. See samples of their templates on the NABE Facebook and Instagram pages.


Engaging EmailsOpen in a New Window

According to a new report covered in Associations Now, engagement is the key to keeping your emails out of your members? spam folders. Read an overview of the findings here.


Social Clubs and CommunityOpen in a New Window

Social clubs died out in America. Now, venture capital is bringing them back. There are implications for democracy and bar associations. This FastCompany article explains more.


Steal This Idea: Spot MentoringOpen in a New Window

The Louisiana State Bar Association provides a venue for attorneys 2-7 years in practice to post questions on different aspects of being a lawyer. Mentors can answer by email, phone, or in person.  Learn more here.


Working with VolunteersOpen in a New Window

Getting the best out of your volunteers is just good bar business. This article covers ?The 27 Best Practices of High Performing Volunteer Organizations.?  


Recruiting Your Association's Next Bar StarsOpen in a New Window

?Gen-Z is looking for a great culture above all? They?re savvy enough to see beyond ping-pong tables and brightly colored walls and look for companies that invest in their people and offer a growth path.? A new report highlighted in FastCompany details what the class of 2019 is looking for in their employer.


Steal This Idea: Create a Health & Wellness Challenge for Your MembersOpen in a New Window

Thanks to the Jacksonville Bar Association?s Young Lawyer Section for this steal-able idea.  They are promoting lawyer wellness through their 2019 Health & Wellness challenge, which encourages members to set aside time to participate in activities that support their mental and physical well-being (and post their activities to social media for bonus points!) Learn more about the challenge here.


New Member OnboardingOpen in a New Window

Like most associations, your new member onboarding strategy likely revolves around email outreach.  But does it also include social media? According toAssociations Now, it?s important to ?think outside the box? when it comes to member onboarding. Read more about that here.


The Importance of Getting Member InputOpen in a New Window

?When it comes to obtaining customer input, executives often think a multiple-choice survey will be the most cost-effective option?don?t let them become an excuse for not talking to the customer.? Insights from the Harvard Business Review on why surveys shouldn?t be a substitute for talking to your members.


Steal This Idea: Plan a Social Media Program Hosted by Your Young & Senior Lawyer DivisionsOpen in a New Window

Thanks to the Louisiana State Bar Association for this highly steal-able idea.  Last week, the organization?s Young Lawyer Division and Senior Lawyer Division combined forces to present a 3-hour seminar, Issues and Trends while Practicing in the Social Media Age. Learn more about the event here.


How to Communicate a Dues IncreaseOpen in a New Window

?Most members understand that, in exchange for the goods and services provided by your organization, they pay a fee which supports your operations, continued growth and service of your mission. But while they?re willing to pay for their membership, are they willing to pay more?? Insight on how to communicate a dues increase, via Associations Now.


Steal This Idea: A Selfie StationOpen in a New Window

Thank you to the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) for this easy-to-steal- idea. NYSBA put together a props table complete with quote bubbles and a selfie stick at one of their recent meetings to encourage members to post their selfies to social media. Check out NYSBA?s selfie station on our Instagram page here.


Meeting Planning RemindersOpen in a New Window

If you?re planning your annual meeting or your bar?s big gala, you know that there are a lot of important considerations when it comes to off-site events. This ?Top 10?  list of contract tips from Meetings Today may be a helpful tool in ensuring you get what you need and your organization is protected. P.S. Did you know that food and beverage at your meetings should be ADA compliant? Here is an overview of the ADA food and beverage regulations for meetings.


Bar Leaders--Consider Ditching the Annual ReviewOpen in a New Window

If annual reviews historically haven?t helped you to improve job performance in your organization, here are a few alternatives to consider (including the decades-old ?MBWA? ? Manage By Walking Around -  technique), courtesy of Fast Company.


Get Your Members Involved in Content CreationOpen in a New Window

If you?re looking for content that better reflects the profession and what?s happening in your community, get your members involved. According to this article from Associations Now, bars should ?regularly ask for contributions on specific topics in your print magazine. Continually monitor social media and your online communities to see what members are talking about?but also who is doing the talking.? Read more here.


Steal This Idea: State Bars, Partner with Local Bars to Present Your Own Bar Leadership InstituteOpen in a New Window

In April, The Missouri Bar presented a two-day forum for bar leaders across the state, designed to enhance leadership skills and to develop further collaboration among all organizations. Attendees were invited to ?hone their leadership skills while connecting with others in similar roles,? and over 50 lawyer-leaders attended the event, including local and specialty bar leaders, committee chairs, Young Lawyer Section council members and more. The Missouri Bar's local partners included The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. LouisKansas City Metropolitan Bar Association and the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association. Search #MOBLI for photos and insight from the event.


5 Ways to Leave Your Stress at WorkOpen in a New Window

Struggling with job stress during your bar?s busy season? Harvard Business Review?s blog offers 5 ways to leave your stress at work and prevent that stress from seeping into your home life. Follow this link to read more.


Steal This Idea: Public ForumsOpen in a New Window

If you want to get the word out about an important issue in your community, you might think about hosting a public forum. The Dallas Bar Association recently hosted a public forum on how to recognize and stop sex trafficking in Dallas. Learn more about their program here.


Advice for Association LeadersOpen in a New Window

Are you a leader of your bar association? ?The Ethics Guy? Bruce Weinstein has written a recent article in Forbes on association leadership in the age of disruption. Read more here on how to engage not only your new members, but also the current ones enough that they want to remain in the association.


Do You Need to File Your 990 Form?Open in a New Window

Many are due on May 15. The IRS has some tips that can guide you through the process.


Create an Accessible Website for Your BarOpen in a New Window

Be it at an annual meeting or new learning programs, your association is always striving to make every aspect of your organization inclusive for all. So, why should your website be any different? Did you know there are web content accessibility guidelines? Learn more in this article from Associations NowIn addition, the ABA Commission on Disability Rights has a variety of resources to assist you in making your organization, including your website, accessible to all your members, potential members and the public. 


Steal This IdeaOpen in a New Window

The State Bar of Nebraska has created an "Off the Shelf" presentation on Fair and Impartial Courts that any lawyer and judge can use when asked to present to schools or other community groups. Check it out here.


How to Get Through an Extremely Busy Time at WorkOpen in a New Window

With Law Day around the corner, annual meetings, law school graduations and the annual dues cycle on the horizon, this can be a particularly busy time in the Bar world. Here are suggestions from the Harvard Business Review on how to get through your Bar's busiest times:


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